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About Our Social Media Agency

K4 marketing is your homegrown Social Media Marketing Agency. Supporting local business is a true passion of everyone on our team so we decided to create a Social Media Marketing Agency that does exactly that. Let K4 do the legwork of networking virtually, just as you do for your business every single day.

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Why K4 Marketing?

There are many amazing Social Media Marketing Agencies out there. Why choose K4? K4 will network for you on the platforms that matter for your business, just as you do in person every single day. We spend hours posting, creating, commenting, supporting and networking with your followers and other local businesses to make sure that your local business does not get lost on the platforms.

Image by Marvin Meyer

What is K4 Marketing?

K4 stands for "Keogh 4" as there are 4 of us in our home! If you call at just the right time you will hear our girls in the background giggling, fighting or asking for snacks. Family is everything and we sure feel lucky to be able to help grow your family business as well as our own.

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